welcome to education universe today’s lesson is on how to set up a paper and APA format it’s pretty simple the first thing that we’re going to do is have a look at the very top part so one of the things in APA is it has a running head and the cover page has actually the words running head on it and the subsequent pages only have the title and I’ll show you what that means in just a second but the very first thing that we’re going to do is double click inside this header you’re going to see a box pop up under design and click different first page that will allow us to change the text inside the cover page and the subsequent pages will be different so now that you’ve got that done we’re going to go ahead and insert a page number we’re going to do top of page plain number three and then we’re going to type running head colon space your cap has to be in all titles so I mean in yeah in all caps so early childhood lessons so this is your title now one thing that you’re going to notice is that this is not in the correct font in APA all the font needs to be in Times New Roman so go ahead and select all of this before we move it over to the left margin go up to your font area font Times New Roman you can actually type it in there if you need to see how it pops up and choose that and then change it to 12 and then once you come back over here put your cursor right in between the s and the one and hit your tab key which is on the left corner of your keyboard and what that does is give you your first page header and perfect format and perfect font first go down to the page here and do our cover page on on APA papers everything is double-spaced now you’ll notice when we got down here reset to let’s go ahead and reset it to Times New Roman and 12 font and then we are going to change your spacing this up and down arrow right here changes your spacing to 2.0 one thing you will want to pay attention to down here is that if it says add space that’s great if it says remove space when you look at this you need to click it to remove any extra spaces on your paper in case your instructor is picky so you’re going to enter three times one two three you can actually put this down a little further most instructors aren’t very picky about this but somewhere around a third down the page so you can go down a little further and the first thing that you will type here is your title that you typed above and it’s going to be centered so let’s go up and find the center key this means it’s on the left margin this is centered and this is the right margin we want to choose center go ahead and type your title so here we have early childhood lessons of means to independence as the title now notice that this and this the header title does not match and I wanted to show you this because you could have opted to put this entire title in but if your title ends up being extremely long it’s a good idea to go ahead and use the first several words an abbreviated version in your header so that it doesn’t run over your page number so the next thing that you’ll put on here depending on what your instructors asking you to do is your name so you’ll put your name and then the next thing would be to school so in this case you could do any school it could be Murray State or Western Kentucky University or Portland State University whatever university you’re in so hit enter after that the next thing we’re going to do is insert a page break because you’re done with page one so go to the insert tab hit page break what that’s going to do is bring you down to the second page on this page we’re going to go ahead and put in the header it’s going to look a little bit different go ahead and double click just like you did we won’t change any of this this time and we’re going to go ahead and go through the same process so insert page number top of page plain number three and on this one all you’ll have is your title in all caps so where you see early childhood lessons we’re going to go back down here and right next to your number and all caps you’ll put early childhood lessons leave that there while you fix the font go ahead and go back to home you’re going to select the entire thing with your mouse and go up to Times New Roman you’re going to change this to twelve font again put your cursor between early childhood lessons into and hit tab until it’s over on your left margin I had to hit it two times in this case okay so the next page a lot of students leave this step off it depends on your instructor you may have a nap direct and abstract is a is a summary a very short summary or forecasting of your paper I’m I will show you that and then I’ll erase it and show you how you start without an abstract so if it were an abstract page here where you wrote your summary you would simply have abstract written right in the center of the page and then you would enter and you would make sure that you start your abstract on the left margin and it is not indented so if you were to start your abstract you would just start typing a you know what your article or what your paper is going to be about and you would not end in it in this case I’m not going to do that we’re going to go ahead and start with the paper because most instructors at least in college do not require an abstract and if they do it’s a very simple process to put up and there will be another video on that so here if you notice early childhood lessons it means the independence is the actual title and this title should be identical to the one on your first line at the second page so these have to match in the header as far as in the header but when you’re looking at what goes on page two it’s identical to the page one the long form of your title so we’re going to go ahead and paste that here if you need to you can type it in and then go to your next line to start your text and so when you start typing your essay you’re going to simply hit the tab button to send it over to the side and you’re going to start typing the first paragraph of your essay now here’s a something to note some instructors require level one headings for example they might say well we want to introduction heading if that were the case you would click the center button go ahead and hit the bold because level one headings are in bold so this would be a level one heading you would make sure it’s not builded when it’s over on your left margin again and you would indent with the tab key start your text now typically an introduction heading is not something that you’ll see on a paper you would leave this header out and then all subsequent headers would be centered and bold face so this would be your first page and then the next thing that I’d like to show you is how to do the beginning of the reference page and give you an example of what one entry might look like so that you have a frame of reference when you do this so let’s pretend for a second that you’ve written this page and and that you’re finished so at that all of the references page so this were full of text all the way down your reference page would actually start on the next page it is a it is on the page by itself so once you’ve done with all of your texture going to insert and remember how we did a page break so we’re going to do a page break and send it to the next page that has no text on it even if you had if this had text on it and it only had one line of your essay on it you would still have to go to page four to start your references so if you go back to your homepage you’re going to be able to Center this references is just centered it is not bolded and so you’ll type the word references once you type the word references simply hit enter now you’re going to have to set it to the left margin you can either do that by hitting the left margin or just hitting backspace and that’s going to put it over here on the left so I’m going to show you an entry remember that all references are an alphabetical order so if you have several authors make sure that you’re paying attention to that so today the author’s name is Jones the first thing is Amanda the year of the publication is 2017 there’s a period after that this is early childhood development a guide to helping in the classroom something you’ll immediately notice about this is that the letters on like childhood and development guide helping these are not capitalized in this case and that’s an APA formatting issue so any letter at the beginning is any proper noun is so if you had like a country or a state that would be hapless but otherwise these are not capitalized in the references if you’ve written this title inside the text it would have been so you’ve got the early childhood development colon space a guide to helping in the classroom that is your title and then is your journal name so if this were a journal article from a peer-reviewed journal you would be looking at the journal name next now that one is italicized and to do that you’ll simply go up and hit the italics button in its journal of childhood development and then if you notice on this one the title of the journal is capitalized so there’s a few small things that you can accidentally do incorrectly like reversing those or capitalizing them all so just pay attention to that the you know the title is not entitled casing for the article that it is for the journal name and then the next thing that you could do is the page numbers and your volume so we’ve got two and twenty and that is in regular case you’re going to put a comma and then say it’s on page 120 through 99 sorry 199 so it looks like a pretty long article you’re going to put a period after that that and then the very last thing that you’ll talk about is where it was retrieved from so you’ve got retrieved from HTTP and you can actually copy this and paste it from your browser child development research org see you’ve got retrieved from and you’ve got your your website and most of the time it’ll have something after it and then like the date so you can sometimes see the data in there most of these come from the databases at your respective college now one thing that you’re missing here before we in the video is a hanging indent all of these are formatted where the second and third line here would be over here where you would normally tab to but if you tab it does something funny to the text so go ahead and select all of it you’re going to right-click your mouse you’re going to see this you’re going to hit paragraph then you’re going to go to special and it actually has a hanging setting and you’re going to say okay that actually brings you to the perfect hanging indent so there’s no reason to enter to try to adjust any lines here which is what some students do and if you had like a whole lot of entries here you could choose them all you could go down to the bottom of the page and you could do the very same thing and it would work so on all of those so I hope that you found this video helpful please see our other videos that will be coming out on the other formats and different aspects of research and writing thank you for listening