There are very few fashion accessories as polarizing as sunglasses. From the traditional Aviator to the wild, outlandish designs of today, sunglasses are favored by most of us. And even though Corey Hart wore his sunglasses at night, you should not. You see, when it comes to sunglasses and etiquette, there are some things you need to know. Luxe Eyewear in Frisco offers you the do’s and don’ts of wearing sunglasses.


Unless you are a Secret Service Agent, lose the shades when you are talking to someone. Wearing sunglasses while attempting a friendly conversation is just plain rude. Eye contact is a key component in non-verbal communication; it’s hard to get a good first impression when people cannot see your eyes. Plus, it does feel awkward and makes you look like a tool. Even if it is bright out, lose those glasses and suffer the squint.

At the Job

Do not wear sunglasses at work. Look, if you work in a recording studio and want to compare Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses with Bruno Mars, by all means, good luck. But in any other work circumstance, take them off. By the way, head perching your shades at work is also a no-no.

The only people who have any right to wear glasses when indoors are those who are blind. Well, there might be a few good reasons for wearing glasses indoors, but for the most part, don’t.

It is so bothersome having to watch my favorite football player being interviewed while he is wearing his freaking sunglasses. Look, if you’re a boxer, cover those bashed-up baby blues, otherwise do the interview shade-free. Enough said.

Outdoor Wedding

The bride and groom don’t want to see their wedding pictures with you wearing your shades. The general rule of thumb is that you should keep your sunglasses off as much as you can during an outdoor wedding.

There are exceptions to this rule. For example, if it is exceptionally bright out, wearing sunglasses is acceptable.

Sunglasses as a Mirror

You will want to resist the urge to take a look at yourself in your mirrored sunglasses. We get it, you want to make sure your hair looks good and there are no crumbs in your teeth, but save it for a mirror in the restroom. Besides, you do look pretty silly staring at your sunglasses with your mouth wide open.

Hair Accessory

If you are rushing into the grocery store to pick up some kale and avocados, it is perfectly fine to flip your sunglasses to the top of your head. But if you are doing this when you are at work or sitting in the movie theater, it is not a good idea.

Your sunglasses serve a purpose, they protect your eyes from the sunlight. They are not a hair accessory.

When in Doubt, Take Them Off

If you find yourself in a situation in which you aren’t sure if you should be wearing your sunglasses, the safe bet is to just take them off. You could be breaking some sort of rule.

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