Glasses help people see better. You might need them and not even realize it. Your eyes change over time and even if you had perfect vision some time ago, that might not be the case today. In addition, eyesight change is slow and probably not even noticeable for some.

About half of Americans wear some sort of corrective lens. But many people would benefit from a pair of glasses if only they would go in and have their eyes checked. You might be thinking that you have gone this far in life without glasses, so why start now.

Luxe Eyewear, your source for eyeglasses in Frisco, offers signs that you may need glasses.

Eye Pressure

If you notice a bit of pressure behind your eyes, it could be a sign of developing glaucoma. But listen, there is no need to panic, glaucoma is highly treatable. But it is critical that you set an appointment with your eye doctor to see what the problem might be.

Seeing Halos

If you are seeing halos around objects, it could be a sign that you are developing cataracts. You could also have trouble seeing at night. You will notice that the halos are more prominent when it is not as bright out.

Wavy Vision

The blinds at the office appear as though they are underwater because you have wavy vision. When straight object look as though they are distorted, it is time that you give us a call and have your eyes examined.

Double Vision

If you are suffering from double vision and have not had any adult beverages, you need to have your eyes checked because it can lead to some pretty serious issues. Double vision might indicate a problem with your eye muscle or cornea. Double vision can also be a sign of cataracts. Call us right away if you have double vision.

Frequent Headaches

The small muscles of your eyes work harder if you are having a difficult time focusing on things. When your eye muscles work harder, the result is eye strain and this is what could be causing frequent headaches. Corrective lenses are what you need to stop the headaches.

Eye Strain

If you are reading a book and it feels like you have been reading for hours when it has only been a few minutes, you could be suffering from eye strain. Eye fatigue results from blurry vision. When you struggle to focus, you tend to squint and blink a lot to bring words into focus.

Eye strain will also occur while you are driving, writing or even scrolling social media. There are plenty of reasons why you squint, it could be that you need glasses. But it could also mean you need to read in better light or that you are fatigued and need to rest.

Computer Problems

There could be a few reasons why you struggle reading on the computer monitor. In many cases, it could be related to stress, fatigue or bad lighting. But you should have your eyes checked just in case.

Also, it is good practice to take a break from your computer on a regular basis throughout the day. We recommend the 20-20-20 rule: Look 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. It will do your eyes a world of good.

Adjusting From Dark to Light

If it takes you longer than usual for your eyes to adjust from dark to light, it should be of concern. It could be due to any number of vision problems or just a part of the aging process. But get your eyes checked anyway.

Can’t See at Night

If your night vision is fading and you are having a hard time seeing at night, get in to see your eye doctor when you can. It is dangerous to drive when you can’t see right.

Bright Light

If you need a lamp with the power of the sun to read, it could be a sign you need glasses or at least have your eyes checked. Turing more lights on to read is a sign of eye problems.

Frequent Eye Rubbing

Frequent eye rubbing is a sign of eye strain or eye fatigue and you should look into it.

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